Gary's Micro Panoply

The site will have updates and changes as it is a work in progress.

I am Gary Crowell,

LinkedIn bio: Truly a man for all seasons, a man of conscience. One who remains true to himself and his beliefs while adapting to all circumstances and times, despite external pressure or influence. You need a PCB? Done. You need an unfinished basement turned into a studio? Done. Recycle that please. When I build an autonomous robot to do it, great, but for now break it down and put it in the blue bin, thanks. Also, if you want a micro-controller project made and written up or have a video made about it, I can do that too.

Please enjoy a look at the range of work and hobbies I engage in.

Hey, nothing new to report,

I did make a cake from scratch and rescue some old tortillas to make chips out of them to go with dinner, and have a new batch of Arduino USB adapters cooking...