XTB'18 Pro Tire Applicator Ad (satire)

Something to pass the time til racing season...XRAY XTB'18 tire brush coming soon - Made in Europe.

Designed, developed, and fully manufactured in-house at the XRAY factory in Slovakia, Europe, using the most high-tech German and Swiss machines and premium European materials, crafted with XRAY's legendary attention to detail by our artisan production specialists. The XTB'18 truly a masterpiece.

The XTB'18 is typical XRAY: ultimate professional, high-competition RC Tire Compound Application Tool for the most demanding racers, developed with attention to the finest detail, and backed by premium service & support…a luxury masterpiece.

The new XTB'18 chassis was redesigned with the main focus to lower the CG to improve application speed and stability. The new chassis accommodates the new lower motor mount.

CNC-machined from high-quality Swiss 2mm wall 7075 T6 aluminum tube stock, the chassis is strategically machined in low-stress areas to make it as light as possible without affecting strength or rigidity; additionally black-coated for increased lifespan.

Weight distribution, chassis width & length, and proper flex have key influences on the handling of the brush. All of these features were incorporated into the design of the chassis.

World Class design and Technology.

Designed to help you brush like just like the pros, the XTB'18 seamlessly connects with the XTB'18 smartphone app via Bluetooth technology to provide you with customized real-time feedback about your brushing technique, including our highly advanced Position Detection technology that ensures you never miss a zone.

World Champions.

Bruno Coelho made a stunning debut at the last World Championship with his XRAY XTB'18 prototype, applying tire compound to his TQ and World Championship winning XB4!

XRAY XTB'18 – World Championship winning Tire Compound Application Tool to bring you to the Winners’ Circle.

I saw these posters at the airport in San Diego and loved them.

"A creative team of visual strategists at JPL, known as "The Studio," created the poster series, which is titled "Visions of the Future." Nine artists, designers, and illustrators were involved in designing the 14 posters, which are the result of many brainstorming sessions with JPL scientists, engineers, and expert communicators. Each poster went through a number of concepts and revisions, and each was made better with feedback from the JPL experts."