Mid motor buggy from RC10 GT

Aug 2019: video update

Jan/Feb 2019: The close up of the rear tower is to show the way I mounted a section of the Kyosho roll cage so the the cage could clip on.

The RPM ball cup have been replaced with Dubro. I like how they mount with screws instead of ball cups.

The roll bar is stock Kyosho Turbo Scorpion.

It is easy to make nose tubes with aluminum stock.

I want to put a B4/5/6 fancy slipper on as well as a maintenance session on the diff before going out racing with it.

I might play around with the rear shock mounting to get a good lean back on the shock.

Paint needs to happen.

Feb 2018: raced the Ironman buggy with the black tub, and 3d printed parts

2014: black tub RC10GT was built and raced

Evolution of the Mid RC10

this shows the evolution of my buggy from standard Team Kit with white suspension parts to some newer and more durable black parts, the brother RC10 tub GT and tub GT buggy